You’ll never stare at a woman’s ass the same way again [vid]

You’ll never stare at a woman’s ass the same way again [vid]

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NOT ONLY IS this prank beyond hilarious, but it is totally a social commentary call-out on the objectification of the body. It made me think about how I react when I see a bodacious booty on the street — and honestly, I’m no better than some of the people in this video.

The reactions of the passerbys, when confronted by the prankster, were the most surprising part of this video for me. Some were caught off-guard, some got angry, and accusatory. But it always turned into a comedic event between the two men, a laughing-it-off of bro camaraderie, with an underlying anti-homosexual tone (“Are you trying to say I’m gay or something?!”). All’s well when it comes to a dude in tight pants, as long as he isn’t trying to hit on the guy who stared at his ass in the first place.

However, many times when women call out men who ogle at their assets, they aren’t taken seriously. Why does it take a man wearing yoga pants for people to realize how ridiculous it is to objectify a person sexually? When are people going to go beyond the surface in terms of what is attractive to them, and start liking people for who they are, not what’s only on the outside?

(H/T via Thought Catalog)

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