9 ways you know you’ve become culturally Mexican

9 ways you know you’ve become culturally Mexican

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HERE ARE 9 WAYS you know the cultural shift has happened, even if you have no idea how or when it occurred.

1. Your knife has been replaced by a tortilla.

2. You answer the phone saying, “Well?”

3. You say “provecho” (bon appétit) to anyone eating, at any moment.

4. You believe that mezcal is the best cure for colds, stomach bugs, heartache…

5. You no longer want to be touched by the rays of the sun but instead walk as close to buildings as possible to enjoy the thin line of shade they offer.

6. You instinctively look for salsa and tortillas when any meal is placed in front of you.

7. Random strangers talking to you no longer makes you want to run for fear of your life.

8. Being punctual includes being 30 minutes late. At least you turned up!

9. Rather than sneaking out of a party quietly, you pucker up when leaving and kiss every single person goodbye, whether you know them or not.

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